Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q: I want to plant bamboo in my landscape. Where can I find bamboo plants that will grow in my region?
A: The American Bamboo Society maintains a list of bamboo growers throughout the United States. View their Species Source List to find a nursery near you.

Q: I’d like to identify some bamboo that I have. Where can I get this information online?
A: Many commercial bamboo nurseries have very good websites with photos and ID information. Bamboo Garden, www.bamboogarden.com and Bamboo Headquarters, www.bambooheadquarters.com have photos and descriptions of over 100 varieties of bamboo, from dwarf to timber.

Q: Where can I buy bamboo poles for fences and projects?
A: Poles of various diameters and lengths can be purchased from importers. Two suppliers are:
Bamboo Supply Co., Lakeland, FL  www.bamboosupply.net
Bamboo and Rattan Works, Lakewood, NJ www.bambooandrattan.com
High quality poles for crafts OshimaBambooSchool.com Edneyville, NC.

Q: Where can I learn more about various crafting techniques?
A: The Bamboo Arts & Craft Network www.bamboocraft.net in Austin Texas maintains a site that gives such information, as well as displaying the work of bamboo artists. The Oshima School of Bamboo www.oshimabambooschool.com in Edneyville, NC, offers classes in growing bamboo and bamboo crafts.

Q: Where can I buy bamboo barrier?
A: Several bamboo nurserys sell rhizome barrier by the foot and roll; Burtonsbamboo.com in Cincinnati, OH; BambooHeadquarters.com in Vista, CA; BambooSourcery.com in Sebastopol, CA; and BambooGardens.com in North Plains, OR.

Photos by Mike JamesLong